summer babe

1 1/2 oz white tequila

1 oz watermelon puree

1/2 oz strawberry-basil syrup

3/4 oz lemon juice


combine over ice in a mixing glass.

shake and strain over fresh ice in a tall glass.

garnish with lemon (i also included a sprig of hyssop for color, but it’s not that important)


a sunny-day crowd-pleaser, named for a song from my youth, though nobody got the reference.  mostly stuff that was lying around the bar, waiting to be used.  tastes like a jolly rancher, but in an awesome, alcoholic kind of way.  several people finished their first one before the ice even melted.  (update:  the strawberry-basil syrup is easy.  just make simple syrup (1 part sugar, 1 part boiling water; mix and stir), then pour the hot mix over sliced strawberries and basil and let it sit).


About Dallas Taylor

Dallas Taylor is the grandson of a rum-runner, a valedictorian, a handyman, and a good Catholic girl. He lives and writes in Port Angeles, WA, and builds things for a living in his spare time.
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2 Responses to summer babe

  1. Daryl says:

    ha! summer babe, pavement, great reference. Love the blog by the way. Cheers!

  2. Great song! I’m glad I found your blog today.

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